Seventeenth Annual

IFPAC® Summit with INDUNIV

September 1-2, 2020



Manufacturing Quality for the Biopharmaceutical/Pharmaceutical Industries  



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Welcome Letter from the Scientific Board


IFPAC and INDUNIV have planned another premier event for professionals in the pharmaceutical sciences and biopharmaceuticals!

IFPAC is going Digital for 2020. The IFPAC Summit with INDUNIV is known to encourage networking, information exchange, and in-depth discussions. While we all look forward to returning to in-person meetings, this interactive virtual format will continue to engage our audience and provide these many benefits. We are reinventing the face-to-face meeting as we MUST continue forward. IFPAC Digital is a way to continue networking & information exchange in between in-person meetings.

The IFPAC-2020 Annual Summit, covering the latest initiatives in Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and the Future of Manufacturing, is to be held on September 1-2, 2020, as a Virtual, LIVE, REAL-TIME event.

Puerto Rico has a number of leading PAT/QbD applications in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries and this event keeps the conversation active on challenges and solutions.  This conference will take you beyond the basic principles of PAT & QbD serving not only those that are starting to work in this area, but those that are already seasoned and familiar to these important FDA and industry initiatives.  Each day will include working sessions and numerous discussion opportunities. We will have plenty of new information from companies that are already involved in PAT and QbD, and from many talented students.

Since the PAT initiative in 2004, we have been discussing the potential for Process Analytical Technology...PAT to provide process knowledge.  The challenge now is: how do we couple that process knowledge with information systems?  How do we make it possible for scientists that thoroughly understand a process to easily see the process data from a plant anywhere in the world?  How do information systems help that process knowledge to become a competitive advantage?  Companies that have used PAT have massive data bases by now; the next step is to use this knowledge.  During the annual event, we will present innovative, strategic, achievable, and sustainable solutions.

Our conference program is based on a quadrant approach, where each quadrant of the IFPAC Summer Summit conference will have a specific topic and set of deliverables.

  • Quadrant I: Continuous Manufacturing Progress & Regulatory Expectations
  • Quadrant II: PAT & Analytics
  • Quadrant III: Biologics & Data Science
  • Quadrant IV: Data Integrity and Industry 4.0

We have organized a unique conference with a holistic approach to Continuous Manufacturing, Process Analytical Technology, overall Process Understanding & Control and Data Management.

Please join us September 1-2, 2020 for this exciting, forward-looking event!

IFPAC Summit Scientific Board



IFPAC Summit 2020

Organization Representatives

Rodolfo Romañach, Ph.D., UPR, Mayagüez, PR (Co-Chairman)

Jose Miguel Montenegro Alvarado, Pfizer

Anthony Gonzalez, Ph.D., Johnson & Johnson, Janssen, Gurabo, PR

Barry Gujral, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Wanda Hernández, Eli Lilly, Indianapolis, IN

Bárbara B. Alvarado Hernández, UPR-M

Manuel Hormaza, IBS Caribe

Jose Perez Ramos, Ph.D., AstraZeneca

Jose G. Rivera, Ph.D., Merck, Las Piedras, PR

Saly Romero-Torres, Ph.D., Thermo Fisher Scientific Pharma Services

Beatrice M. Romeu, Ph.D., Lilly del Caribe, PR

Juan Carlos Saez Miranda, Ph.D., Abbvie, Barceloneta, PR

Eric J. Sanchez-Rolon, Integra CMS, PR

Alejandro Toro, Ph.D., Amgen, Juncos, PR

Carlos Tollinche, Ph.D., INDUNIV

Robert S. Zutkis, IFPAC


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