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Throughout the years we have developed a strong PAT community who are actively making advanced manufacturing a reality in Puerto Rico. We want to continue this progress and expand our community.


This year's program will reflect the transformation towards continuous manufacturing, data integrity, new PAT methods, implementation of biologics cell therapies, and Industry 4.0.


Each session will start with one or two presentations dedicated to providing a holistic view of the advancements made. These initial talks will provide both newcomers and experienced practitioners with an opportunity to evaluate the advances made, before following with more specific conferences on recent developments.


The interactive virtual format will include engaging presentations, cutting edge technological and regulatory solutions, case studies, panels, and roundtable discussions from the FDA, key industry leaders, the vendors and academia.


The IFPAC-Summit 2021 Program is developed to bring a range of participants to the table creating an invaluable opportunity to discuss the latest challenges, trends and solutions impacting manufacturing and control for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Packed with engaging sessions and numerous networking opportunities, you will not want to miss out!


IFPAC Digital - Virtual Meeting Format

  • Real-Time Event
  • Live Streamed Presentations
  • Facilitated Conversations
  • Interactive Q&A
  • Panel Discussions
  • Vendor Showcases
  • Networking
  • PowerPoints recorded for future access
  • And More!

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